Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid water colour paint bring every piece of art to life.

Available in 46 brilliant transparent colours and 2 opaque colours (white and gold) in 30 ml, 490 ml and 990 ml
The colour range includes the three primary colours lemon yellow (205), magenta (337) and sky blue cyan (578)
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTEBS05,ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 5 PRIMARY 11509900,Y,,,rtebs05.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTEBS10,ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 10 11509007,Y,,,rtebs10.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079389277,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTEBS15,ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 15 11509008,Y,,,rtebs15.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079398040,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTEBS20,ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 20 11509004,Y,,,rtebs20.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079398057,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTEBS30,ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 30 11509005,Y,,,rtebs30.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079398064,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTESP5,ECOLINE PRIMARY SET 5 x 30ml 11259900,Y,,,rtesp5.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,"RT11802506,11802506",,,,8712079408299,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RTESM10,ECOLINE MIXING SET 10 x 30ml 11259902,Y,,,rtesm10.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,"RT11802510,11802510",,,,8712079408312,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252260,PASTEL YELLOW ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252260.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012175,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252270,YELLOW OCHRE ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252270.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012182,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252310,GOLD OCHRE ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252310.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012199,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252330,CHARTREUSE ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252330.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012205,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252360,LIGHT ORANGE ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252360.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012212,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252450,SAFFRON YELLOW ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252450.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012236,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11252590,SAND YELLOW ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11252590.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012243,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11253340,SCARLET ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11253340.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012274,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11254110,BURNT SIENNA ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11254110.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012335,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11255220,TURQUOISE BLUE ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11255220.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012403,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256010,LIGHT GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256010.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012472,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256020,DEEP GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256020.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012489,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256540,FIR GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256540.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012502,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256570,BRONZE GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256570.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012526,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256650,SPRING GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256650.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012533,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11256660,PASTEL GREEN ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11256660.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012540,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11257060,DEEP GREY ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11257060.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012571,
Colour,Royal Talens,Ecoline,,,,,,RT11257180,WARM GREY ECOLINE JAR 30ml,N,,,rt11257180.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8712079012595,
Colour,Royal Talens,Van Gogh Oil Colour,,,,,,,,Y,,"

A new idea, a new discovery. That is what every artist is constantly looking for.
Van Gogh is the brand for the adventurous, studying artist that is always on the lookout for the best way to tell his or her story.
The artists’ paint Van Gogh remains as innovative and modern as Vincent Van Gogh was in his time.
Every day we are trying to provide you, our source of inspiration, with a complete line of artists’ materials.
From acrylic colours to oil colours, and from water colours to oil pastels.

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh painted not only oil paintings, but also beautiful water colours?
And that he developed from a realistic to a more impressionist painter, refined his pointillism technique and eventually focused totally on experimenting with colours?
Vincent continued to reinvent himself and dared to go that step further.
Van Gogh challenges you as well, to develop your own unique way of working with a complete assortment of quality artist paints.

ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 5 PRIMARY 11509920 / 11509930

ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 5 PRIMARY 11509920 / 11509930

RRP: £13.95 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTEBS05
ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 10 11509007/ 11509022

ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 10 11509007/ 11509022

RRP: £28.55 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTEBS10
ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 15 11509008 / 11509023

ECOLINE BRUSHPEN SET 15 11509008 / 11509023

RRP: £42.95 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTEBS15


RRP: £56.95 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTEBS20


RRP: £84.95 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTEBS30
ECOLINE PRIMARY SET 5 x 30ml 11259900

ECOLINE PRIMARY SET 5 x 30ml 11259900

RRP: £25.55 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTESP5
ECOLINE MIXING SET 10 x 30ml 11259902

ECOLINE MIXING SET 10 x 30ml 11259902

RRP: £51.25 inc VAT
Stock Code: RTESM10