Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Pads

These gummed pads each contain 10 sheets of Winton Oil Colour Paper.

Winton Oil Colour Paper is produced using a fine quality, neutral sized paper to provide maximum stability and resistance to ageing.
Winton Paper is made from TCF (totally chlorine-free) pulp produced from sustainable forests.
The paper is specially formulated with reduced absorbency to ensure the perfect holdout for oils and acrylics.
The paper is 230gsm/108lb and has been embossed with a unique canvas texture which provides an attractive surface for the application of oils and acrylics.

Code Description Size Bar code Price
GCFWOCP WN WINTON OIL COLOUR PAPER 800mm x 550mm 6229250 30" x 20" 94376919837
RRP: £5.25 inc VAT
GCFWP107 WN WINTON OIL COLOUR PAD 10" X 7" 6530568 10 Sheets 10" x 7" 94376919448
RRP: £7.90 inc VAT
GCFWP129 WN OIL & ACRYLIC PAD 22.9 x 30.5cm (12"x9") 6532008 10 Sheets 12" x 9" 94376919455
RRP: £10.70 inc VAT
GCFWP1612 WN OIL & ACRYLIC PAD 30.5 x 40.6cm (16"X12")6532009 10 Sheets 16" x 12" 94376919479
RRP: £15.30 inc VAT
GCFWPA4 WN GUMMED OIL PAD A4 10 SHEETS 6532006 10 sheets 230g oil colour paper. A4 94376973853
RRP: £10.50 inc VAT
GCFWPA3 WN WINTON OIL COLOUR PAD A3 6530232 A3 94376973860
RRP: £16.85 inc VAT