Pebeo Natural Linen Canvas Boards

Canvas boards, covered in natural linen, are ideal for studies.  They may be used for practice and by beginners, and provide an inexpensive solution in studios and at painting classes.

Code Description Bar code Price
GPCB1010 PEBEO CANVAS BOARD 10cm x 10cm SOLD AS A PACK OF 3 767300 3167867673000
RRP: £2.40 inc VAT
GPCB2020 PEBEO CANVAS BOARD 20cm x 20cm NATURAL LINEN FINISH 767302 3167867673024
RRP: £3.05 inc VAT
GPCB3030 PEBEO CANVAS BOARD 30cm x 30cm NATURAL LINEN FINISH 767303 3167867673031
RRP: £5.95 inc VAT
GPCB4040 PEBEO CANVAS BOARD 40cm x 40cm NATURAL LINEN FINISH 767304 3167867673048
RRP: £9.05 inc VAT