Stretched Canvas 4cm deep

Traditional Canvas with medium texture, ideal for use with oil and acrylic paints. Deep edged.

Kiln-dried stretcher bars
Balanced absorbency and tooth
Highly pigmented titanium dioxide Gesso primer
Acid-free and archival
Back stapled with folded uncut corners

Image Code Description Size Bar code Price
GCDE46 WN DEEP EDGE 4"x6" COTTON CANVAS 6201116 884955049808
RRP: £7.10 inc VAT
GCDE55 WN DEEP EDGE 5"x5" COTTON CANVAS 6201117 884955049815
RRP: £7.10 inc VAT
GCDE66 WN DEEP EDGE 6"x6" COTTON CANVAS 6201119 884955049839
RRP: £7.80 inc VAT
GCDE612 WN DEEP EDGE 6"x12" COTTON CANVAS 6201118 884955049822
RRP: £11.05 inc VAT
GCDE810 WN DEEP EDGE 8"x10" COTTON CANVAS 6201121 884955049853
RRP: £15.55 inc VAT
GCDE1010 WN DEEP EDGE 10"x10" COTTON CANVAS 6201082 884955049464
RRP: £16.40 inc VAT
GCDE1114 WN DEEP EDGE 11"x14" COTTON CANVAS 6201085 884955049495
RRP: £17.85 inc VAT
GCDE1216 WN DEEP EDGE 12"x16" COTTON CANVAS 6201087 884955049518
RRP: £18.60 inc VAT
GCDE1418 WN DEEP EDGE 14"x18" COTTON CANVAS 6201091 884955049556
RRP: £21.05 inc VAT
GCDE1824 WN DEEP EDGE 18"x24" COTTON CANVAS 6201095 884955049594
RRP: £25.05 inc VAT
GCDE2024 WN DEEP EDGE 20"x24" COTTON CANVAS 6201098 884955049624
RRP: £25.80 inc VAT
GCDE2430 WN DEEP EDGE 24"x30" COTTON CANVAS 6201101 884955049655
RRP: £32.60 inc VAT
GCDE2448 WN DEEP EDGE 24"x48" COTTON CANVAS 6201103 884955049679
RRP: £49.20 inc VAT
GCDE3030 WN DEEP EDGE 30"x30" COTTON CANVAS 6201104 884955049686
RRP: £42.40 inc VAT
GCDE3040 WN DEEP EDGE 30"x40" COTTON CANVAS 6201106 884955049709
RRP: £50.70 inc VAT
GCDE3048 WN DEEP EDGE 30"x48" COTTON CANVAS 6201107 884955049716
RRP: £53.70 inc VAT
GCDE3648 WN DEEP EDGE 36"x48" COTTON CANVAS 6201109 884955049730
RRP: £62.10 inc VAT
GCDE3660 WN DEEP EDGE 36"x60" COTTON CANVAS 6201110 884955049747
RRP: £68.10 inc VAT
GCDE4060 WN DEEP EDGE 40"x60" COTTON CANVAS 6201112 884955049761
RRP: £77.25 inc VAT
GCDE4860 WN DEEP EDGE 48"x60" COTTON CANVAS 6201114 884955049785
RRP: £93.10 inc VAT