Grey Board

Greyboard is a sold grey backing board with a neutral pH.  Perfect for dry mounting or as a backing support.  Available in 2mm or 2.5mm thick sheets.  Greyboard is also easy to cut using a sharp scalpel or a heavy duty craft knife, and is an inexpensive way of producing good quality models quickly.

Code Description Size Bar code Price
VDAGB2 2mm GREY BOARD 32"X22" 303200100 32" x 22" (813mm x 559mm) 5011385932027
RRP: £3.80 inc VAT
VDAGB25 2.5mm GREY BOARD 32"X22" 303250300 32" x 22" (813mm x 559mm) 5011385932041
RRP: £4.45 inc VAT