Mixed Media

Mixed Media Spirals
Daler-Rowney has a worldwide reputation for the finest artists’ papers. This new range of spiral bound pads features a high quality paper designed for traditional art, mixed media, collage and visual journaling. Each lightly textured, natural white sheet is a joy to use for a variety of dry and wet techniques and with the spiral binding, it’s so easy to work on fresh pages or browse through your finished creations.


The Optima Mixed Media paper offers excellent tooth for all drawing techniques such as pencil, pen & ink, pastel and charcoal but is also ideally suited for works in watercolour and acrylic. With a heavy 250g/m² weight and spiral binding, these pads are so versatile that they can even support creations in collage and visual journaling.

Image Code Description Bar code Price
GDAMMA2 DR MIXED MEDIA SPIRAL A2 250gm 437150200 5011386094106
RRP: £32.75 inc VAT
GDAMMA3 DR MIXED MEDIA SPIRAL A3 250gm 437150300 5011386094113
RRP: £20.90 inc VAT
GDAMMA4 DR MIXED MEDIA SPIRAL A4 250gm 437150400 5011386094120
RRP: £13.10 inc VAT
GDAMMA5 DR MIXED MEDIA SPIRAL A5 250gm 437150500 5011386094137
RRP: £8.30 inc VAT
GDAOMBPA3 DR A3 OPTIMA MIXED MEDIA PAD 10 SH -->ARTBOARD<-- 304604310 5011386115696
RRP: £26.65 inc VAT
GDAOMBPA4 DR A4 OPTIMA MIXED MEDIA PAD 10 SH-->ARTBOARD<--304604410 5011386109244
RRP: £17.35 inc VAT