Series A Spiral Cartridge 90lb/150gsm

These Daler Rowney cartridge pads have a good quality, medium grain, white paper. Each pad has 25 sheets of 150gsmb (90lbs), acid-free paper. Available in five sizes A6 (Spiral Only), A5, A4, A3 A2. The smallest A6 size is a pocket sized pad popular with journalists for notetaking.

Code Description Size Bar code Price
GDASASPA2 DR SERIES A SPIRAL PAD A2 RED/YELLOW (150gsm) 405010200 25 Sheets A2 5011385914184
RRP: £25.05 inc VAT
GDASASPA3 DR SERIES A SPIRAL PAD A3 RED/YELLOW (150gsm) 405010300 25 Sheets A3 5011385914191
RRP: £14.45 inc VAT
GDASASPA4 DR SERIES A SPIRAL PAD A4 RED/YELLOW (150gsm) 405010400 25 Sheets A4 5011385914207
RRP: £8.20 inc VAT
GDASASPA5 DR SERIES A SPIRAL PAD A5 RED/YELLOW (150gsm) 405010500 25 Sheets A5 5011385914214
RRP: £5.40 inc VAT
GDASASPA6 DR SERIES A SPIRAL PAD A6 RED/YELLOW (150gsm) 405010600 25 Sheets A6 5011385914221
RRP: £4.65 inc VAT