Disc Plate Hangers

Gummed discs for hanging porcelain, china, earthenware, glass plates and plaques. These discs are an invisible answer to ugly plate wires since there are no clips or hooks.
First, clean the back of the plate, even if the plate is new.  Vigorously rub in a little scouring cream or powder.  Rinse clean and allow to dry.
Using your fingers, mix a little water into the glue on the disc.  Leave for 5-10 minutes until the glue is tacky. 
Apply the disc to the plate ensuring that the ring is in the correct position for the plate design.  Press firmly and rub well to expel any air.  Leave overnight to dry.
Before hanging, test strength of adhesion by pulling firmly on the ring.
To remove a disc, soak the plate in warm water.
The disc also has excellent adhesion to wood, hardboard and blockboard - ideal for hanging small pictures, plaques and embroideries, etc.

Image Code Description Size Bar code Price
VCPDPH30 DISC PLATE HANGERS -30mm 30mm 5019612000013
RRP: £3.05 inc VAT
VCPDPH50 DISC PLATE HANGERS -50mm 50mm 5019612000020
RRP: £3.57 inc VAT
VCPDPH75 DISC PLATE HANGERS -75mm 75mm 5019612000037
RRP: £3.60 inc VAT
VCPDPH100 DISC PLATE HANGERS -100mm 100mm 5019612000044
RRP: £3.95 inc VAT
VCPDPH140 DISC PLATE HANGERS -140mm 140mm 5019612000051
RRP: £5.10 inc VAT