Creative House PVA is a premium, washable glue with a higher solid content than many other craft glues.  Excellent for bonding card, paper, cardboard, wood, balsa wood, plastic, fabrics, felt, foam and many other porous surfaces.  Dries to a waterproof translucent film and has a smooth, creamy consistency.  Used by modellers, crafters, artists and for DIY projects.
Spread PVA easily with the Essex Glue Spreader

Code Description Size Bar code Price
BCAPVA170 CREATIVE HOUSE PVA - 170ml SMALL ARTSTAT 180ml Bottle 5052803000065
RRP: £1.99 inc VAT
BCAPVA568 CREATIVE HOUSE PVA - 600ml LARGE ARTSTAT 600ml Bottle 5052803000089
RRP: £4.99 inc VAT
BCAPVA5L CREATIVE HOUSE PVA - 5L ARTSTAT 5 litre Container 5052803000072
RRP: £29.99 inc VAT
BSBMM500 BEROL MARVIN MEDIUM - 500ml 500ml 5010215006662
RRP: £8.25 inc VAT
BSBMM1L BEROL MARVIN MEDIUM - 1L 1litre 5010215005306
RRP: £12.99 inc VAT
ADS104-3 59ml WOOD GLUE AMERICANA 766218056146
RRP: £2.99 inc VAT