Student Acrylics

System 3 Original
With its medium body consistency, System 3 Original is designed to offer a perfect compromise between firmer, more controlled applications of colour and the swift and even coverage of large areas.
Since the introduction of System 3 acrylics in 1987, these colours have been successfully used to decorate paper, wood, canvases and uneven surfaces such as rough plaster or masonry.
Tests on concrete slabs demonstrate the superior durability of System 3 over other acrylic colours in all weather conditions.
System 3 has been used extensively for painting murals on school walls and, with the use of suitable primers, can be used even more widely on materials such as metals and plastics.

Graduate Acrylic
New Graduate Acrylics offer a very affordable range of acrylic colours. The range features bright and strong colours that are easy to brush onto surfaces.
They can be used on any paper surface, primed board or canvas, used indoors or outdoors and are so versatile they can also be used with a variety of acrylic mediums, also available from Daler-Rowney.
There are 48 colours in the range, including metallic colours.
Graduate Acrylic colours are of good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces.
Colours are water-based and contain no solvents. In accordance with EC labelling regulations, all colours are classified as non-dangerous for use.
Student Acrylics