An off-white clay which is nylon reinforced to increase strength and reduce brittleness. Can be used by small children up to adults for modelling and crafts.
Air hardening – but also fires well in the range of 1000°C to 1250°C. Newclay is characterised by being non-sticky and having low shrinkage during drying. It is malleable and can be used with pottery tools. As it is nylon reinforced, it will not go brittle. While its reinforced finish makes it exceptionally strong, Newclay Hardeners (H1 or H2) can be applied to improve durability of the final article. For best results, finished pieces should be decorated with a good quality ceramic or acrylic paint and finished with Newclay Gloss.

Code Description Colour Bar code Price
QNANC1 NEWCLAY - 1KG Off-White 5052803001635
RRP: £5.29 inc VAT
QNANC4.5 NEWCLAY - 4.5KG Off-White 5052803001659
RRP: £15.09 inc VAT
QNANC12.5 NEWCLAY - 12.5KG Off-White 5052803001642
RRP: £25.19 inc VAT
QNANCH1 NEWCLAY HARDENER - H1/113g 5052803001666
RRP: £7.39 inc VAT
QNANCH2 NEWCLAY HARDENER - H2/225g 5052803001673
RRP: £12.39 inc VAT
QNANCV NEWCLAY VARNISH - GLOSS /4oz Gloss Clear 5052803001680
RRP: £7.89 inc VAT