Typical applications:

  • Filling dents and scores in metal, plastics or woods

  • Repairing water and fuel systems

  • Caulking, filling and sealing on fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls

  • Modelmaking

  • Jewellery making

  • Sculpting

  • Picture frame restoration

  • Plumbing repairs

  • Underwater applications

  • Temporary repairs for car petrol tanks, batteries, radiators and exhausts.

Code Description Colour Bar code Price
QMKMB MILLIPUT BLACK Black 5035167005372
RRP: £5.99 inc VAT
QMKMSG MILLIPUT SILVER GREY Silver Grey 5035167000520
RRP: £5.25 inc VAT
QMKMSW MILLIPUT SUPERFINE WHITE Superfine White 5035167000506
RRP: £5.99 inc VAT
QMKMSYG MILLIPUT STANDARD YELLOW GREY Standard Yellow Grey 5035167000490
RRP: £3.45 inc VAT
QMKMT MILLIPUT TERRACOTTA Terracotta 5035167000513
RRP: £4.25 inc VAT